Payment for Service with Thanks

Payment for Service with Thanks

Here is our simple ask, provide remumeration based on value:

  • We helped ou with your personal computing (MacOS  for example)

Personal Computing

Payment help with with my home computing and networking (suggest $10 - $20)

Personal / Home - Payment
  • We provided useful insight or input in doing professional architecture / design work

Strategy, Architecture & Design

Article was help in your professional work (suggest $20 - $ 40)

Just Enough Architecture - Payment

  • We provided  useful technical advise that helped in your work

Just Enough Architecture - Technical Tips

Article helped you with solving technical problem (suggest $20 - $50)

Technical Tips - Payment
  • Our software is used by you on regular basis

Graphica Software - Open Source Contribution

Your used software from our git repository (suggest - $30 - $50)

Software - Payment
  • Or you wish to commision us to look into something particular... please contact us at

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